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AM Best Explores Pros and Cons of Data-Driven Risk Management in May Issue of Best’s Review

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AM Best reports on developing trends and issues surrounding the
relationship between data and risk management strategies in the May
issue of Best’s Review magazine. A key finding that emerged from
the reporting is that every solution presents a new set of challenges
that must be addressed in order for companies to leverage data
profitably and ethically.

“Insurers have a clearer picture of risk than ever before as they shift
from outdated, static data sources to real-time, dynamic information,”
said Patricia Vowinkel, executive editor. “However, this new wealth of
nontraditional data brings its own set of concerns.”

Topics addressed include:

  • Privacy and regulatory issues arising from collecting data through
    sources like black boxes in cars and smartphones (usually without the
    policyholder’s knowledge);
  • The pros and cons of information collected from consumer and medical
    wearable devices; and
  • The potential of programmatic underwriting practices to shift
    underwriting from an art to a science and the dangers of overreliance
    on these tools.

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