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Alyce Secures $11.5M in Series A Funding to Redefine Direct Mail, Swag and Gifts

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Alyce Inc. (“Alyce”), the AI-powered platform that’s redefining direct
mail and swag, today announced that it has raised $11.5 million in
Series A funding to accelerate its growth and continue to help B2B
companies get into more of their target accounts with a
hyper-personalized approach to gifting. Manifest led the round with
additional participation from General Catalyst, Boston Seed Capital,
Golden Ventures, Morningside and Victress Capital.

Alyce is the only platform that gives sales, marketing, and customer
relations teams the ability to send thoughtful gifts to individual
recipients at scale rather than sending everyone the same generic item.
Alyce’s patent-pending, AI-powered technology serves up personalized
gift options which recipients can either accept, exchange, or donate the
value of to the charity of their choice. This give-first approach yields
up to twice the target account penetration at a fraction of the cost,
according to feedback from Alyce customers.

“If target accounts matter, then our truly personal approach to direct
mail and swag at scale moves the pipeline needle,” said Greg Segall,
founder and CEO of Alyce. “Marketers no longer have to settle for a
persona-based, spray-and-pray approach. Now their direct mail and swag
channels can operate at the person-to-person level. It saves time and
wasted marketing dollars. People love receiving Alyce gifts and that
surprise and delight experience is what really drives us!”

The process of researching a recipient’s interests, and then purchasing
and sending a hand-selected gift takes hours and is therefore nearly
impossible to scale. Alyce’s AI technology searches all publicly
available information to offer gift options matched directly to those
interests, acting as a personal assistant for sales reps. These options
include everything from unique gifts and fun experiences, to
subscription services, gift cards and direct donations. For example:

  • Someone passionate about ending homelessness can donate to a local
  • Game of Thrones fanatics will love a 3D map of Westeros and Essos
  • Parents with children can be sent a four-person pass to a trampoline

“Alyce helps organizations augment their sales outreach and get the
attention of prospective customers quickly,” said Will Pringle, VP of
worldwide demand generation at Fuze. “Alyce can be fully integrated into, which makes tracking its effectiveness easy. It’s also
an excellent complement to our marketing strategy as it allows our sales
and marketing teams to progress prospects through the funnel and have
meaningful interactions.”

As a socially and environmentally-conscious organization, Alyce is the
only software that enables companies to do good by giving gifts.
Charitable donations make up more than 10 percent of Alyce’s redeemed
gifts and provide an effective way to gift within regulated industries.

Alyce will use this Series A funding to continue to build out its sales,
marketing, and customer success efforts and to expand its AI
capabilities, with 50 new hires expected in its Boston headquarters and
an additional 50 international hires expected within the next twelve

Paul Falzone, Managing Partner at Manifest, will be joining Alyce’s
board of directors.

Alyce is the AI-powered platform that’s
redefining direct mail, swag and gifts with its scalable, sustainable,
hyper-personalized approach to account-based marketing. Alyce builds
real, human relationships that deliver up to twice the named account
penetration versus traditional approaches. Founded in December of 2015,
Alyce is a privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA. Learn
more at