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Alight leverages gamification to track and reward employee wellbeing behavior

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In today’s experience economy, people expect to have valuable data and information at their fingertips that can be applied seamlessly across their digitally-driven lives—and this extends to all facets including managing health and wellbeing. Alight Solutions, a leader in benefits, payroll and cloud solutions, has launched Alight Well, a new digital capability that enables a healthy mind, body, wallet and life for employees, while providing a better return on investment of employer-provided benefits.

Alight partnered with Mobile Health, a cloud-based platform, to create Alight Well, which provides employees with access to personalized communications, individual and team contests and redeemable rewards. Based on an initial assessment, employees are offered educational resources and coaching that are relevant to their wellbeing goals. Alight Well then analyzes a continuous flow of wellbeing and benefits data to enhance employee journeys with new challenges, programs and action plans. With powerful dashboard visualizations that display wellbeing progress, employees can easily see how their actions relate to total rewards outcomes such as retirement readiness and lower healthcare costs.

“Alight believes that improving health outcomes and maximizing benefits dollars starts with empowering people to take charge of their total wellbeing with on-demand support from their employers,” said Brannon Lacey, president of benefits solutions at Alight. “Alight Well underscores our continued effort to offer more holistic benefits options and deliver stronger total rewards strategies to our clients and their people.”

Alight Well is fully integrated with UPoint®, Alight’s industry-leading, proprietary HR and benefits portal, and provides a holistic wellbeing program unique to each user. The platform is supported by mobile, tablet and web devices, as well as several wearable devices for individual, peer-to-peer and team challenges.

“Like Alight, we take a consumer-centric approach to developing innovative solutions that provide employees with wellbeing experiences that are similar to the consumer experiences they enjoy in their personal lives,” said John Halloran, CEO of Mobile Health. “Together we’ve created a holistic wellbeing solution that will drive employee engagement and, most importantly, help employers and their people stay connected, resilient and healthy in these unprecedented times.”

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About Mobile Health

Founded in 2012 in Palo Alto, California, Mobile Health is a cloud-based Wellbeing and Engagement platform designed for employers who want to drive better health and wellbeing outcomes through consumer grade technology. Mobile Health personally guides employees through holistic wellbeing experiences based on an individual’s unique goals on the devices they use every day. With Mobile Health, employees are more engaged, healthier and more productive. For more information about Mobile Health, visit