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Algorand Publicly Opens TestNet

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an open-source software and blockchain technology company, announced
today the opening of its TestNet to the public at large. After a
successful private TestNet period with several hundred participants, the
company is now inviting all businesses, developers and users to engage
with TestNet and provide feedback on the quality, function, and overall
experience of the TestNet protocol.

Backed by an initial $66 million in invested capital from a distributed
group of global investors, the Algorand protocol was designed by MIT
professor, cryptography pioneer, and winner of the prestigious Turing
Award, Silvio Micali. As a decentralized, public and permissionless
platform that supports the scale, open participation and transaction
finality for billions of users, Algorand will enable businesses to
create applications in a scalable, secure and trustworthy way.

“Opening TestNet to the public is a major milestone on our journey to
the open source release of the technology,” said Steve Kokinos, CEO at
Algorand. “Today marks the latest step forward in our overall mission to
enable the broader Algorand community to collaborate, innovate and
contribute to the evolution of our public, permissionless blockchain

The launch of Algorand’s public TestNet comes on the heels of several
other important recent milestones, including a robust set of developer
resources that continues to expand. The recently released Go,
and Java
Software Development Kits (SDKs) add additional utilities to simplify
common development tasks, empowering developers with limited blockchain
experience to build sophisticated applications on top of the Algorand
platform. Additionally, Algorand provides REST APIs to communicate with
the running node processes from any language.

Prior to today’s announcement, Algorand’s TestNet had previously been
limited to several hundred early participants from research, academic
and partnership businesses, whose experiences and contributions have
played an important role in improving the performance, scale and speed
of the platform to date. Business partner TOP Network, a full-stack
decentralized cloud communication service with 60 million users
globally, actively participated in the Algorand TestNet and recently
announced a partnership with Algorand to build next-gen layer 2
offerings for its user base.

“Our involvement in Algorand’s private TestNet offered a glimpse into
the value that a mature and technically advanced blockchain such as
Algorand can bring to our business,” said Steve Wei, founder and CEO of
TOP Network. “We’re excited to see the platform evolve as we build. The
Algorand team has run a collaborative and transparent TestNet that
should only benefit from having larger, more open participation from its

Algorand offers several resources for businesses and developers who want
to get up and running on the TestNet platform:

  • Visit the Algorand developer site at
    to get started and access official documentation
  • Participate in the public TestNet by installing an Algorand node –
    instructions are available here
  • Visit the Algorand GitHub repository at
    to access the Go and JavaScript SDKs, as well as other development

About Algorand

Based in Boston and founded by cryptography pioneer and Turing award
winner Silvio Micali, Algorand is an open-source software company
building technical innovation for the borderless economy with a platform
that delivers decentralization, scalability and security. Algorand’s
first-of-its-kind, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake protocol
supports the scale, open participation, and transaction finality needed
by users to build opportunity and fulfill the promise of blockchain

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