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Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Now Collects Emergency Contact Information

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Alabamians no longer have to worry about having “In Case of Emergency”
written on a card in their wallet or unlocking their smartphone to
retrieve contact information in case of an accident or emergency. The
Alabama Law Enforcement Agency now gives the public an option to
associate emergency contact information to their driver license online
through the already existing Online
Driver Services Suite
, hosted and maintained by Alabama Interactive.

Users can add their information when visiting
either as part of a license renewal or duplicate transaction online or
as a separate submission. The process is as simple as selecting
Emergency Contact as the service
and recording the name, relationship, address and phone number of a
person they would like listed as the emergency contact. Upon arrival to
an emergency, a trooper will be able to immediately view this
information when entering the driver license number or other identifying
factors of the parties involved. The process is just as user-friendly
when editing emergency contact information already saved in the system.
The user simply returns to the online
service menu
and enters updated or new information.

The submission of emergency contact information is not mandatory but the
option to do so is required by the Emergency
Notification Law

About the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) was created by Act
 and represents the consolidation and realignment of 12 state
law enforcement agencies/functions into one entity. ALEA is responsible
for the functions and missions of the Alabama Department of Homeland
Security, Department of Public Safety, Alabama Bureau of Investigation,
Fusion Center, Criminal Justice Information Center, Marine Police,
Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Enforcement Division, Department of
Revenue Enforcement, Forestry Commission Investigations, Agriculture and
Industry Investigations, Public Service Commission Enforcement, and
Office of Prosecution Services Computer Forensic Laboratories.

The Mission of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is to efficiently
provide quality service, protection and safety for the state of Alabama
through the utilization of consolidated law enforcement, as well as
investigative and support services. To learn more about ALEA, visit

About Alabama Interactive

is the official digital government solutions provider
for the state of Alabama. The company builds and manages interactive
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NIC Inc. (NASDAQ: EGOV) is the nation’s premier provider of innovative
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