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AIOps Exchange Releases Best Practices Framework for Deploying AIOps Technology

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, a not-for-profit private forum defining the future of
AIOps, announced the publication of The AIOps Manifesto discussing
the role of AI in supporting digital transformation. The paper provides
a best practices framework for deploying AIOps solutions to help IT Ops
and DevOps teams deliver high-quality services continuously and
consistently. The AIOps Manifesto was co-authored by a group of
industry analysts that sit on AIOps
Exchange’s steering committee
. The authors are encouraging feedback
and open debate, with the hopes of having the document ratified by
Exchange members at a future meeting. The AIOps Manifesto is
freely available to all interested parties on AIOps
Exchange’s website

The AIOps Manifesto is an in-depth analysis of AIOps technology
that includes:

  • The history of AI in IT Operations
  • Five distinct algorithm definitions
  • Six kinds of vendor solutions
  • Key AIOps market drivers
  • A common definition of AIOps workflow

The AIOps Manifesto was co-authored by Will
, a former research VP at Gartner (now CTO of Moogsoft); James
, founder of RedMonk; and Clive
, co-founder of Quocirca. The paper was first presented to
a select group of IT industry leaders at the inaugural AIOps
Exchange event
, held last month in San Francisco.

“Gartner’s own definition of AIOps is still evolving, and the impact it
can have on enterprise business strategy is a continuing conversation,”
explains Will Cappelli. “Our goal with The AIOps Manifesto is to
foster an open, honest exchange of ideas among end user organizations.
By debating AIOps best practices, we hope all market stakeholders will
benefit, especially IT Operations teams. All feedback to The AIOps
is welcome during this open comment period, after which we
hope it will be officially adopted.”

In today’s business landscape, the complexity of digital business
supporting IT systems has resulted in an ever-growing volume of noisy
event data that impact the IT Operations Management function. The
AIOps Manifesto
states that without the assistance of AI technology
across the spectrum of IT Operations — or AIOps — it has become
impossible to observe, understand, and modify digital business
supporting IT systems. Additionally, it explains how AIOps can
significantly reduce the fixed costs and enhance the value of IT-related
decision making, as well as linking and integrating tasks performed
within the different roles of IT Operations, DevOps, IT Service
Management, and other functions.

“The increasingly complexity of an organization’s IT platform, combined
with the dependency of the business upon it, means that standard
approaches to operational management are no longer fit for purpose,”
said Clive Longbottom. “A range of approaches need to be brought to
bear: a combination of data aggregation, analysis and pattern
recognition, and rule-based systems, along with data transfer and
results communication to entities that are not just human. In essence,
we need the equivalent of a human, albeit one that does not make
mistakes and can deal with the masses of data that a modern platform
produces in real time. Therefore, we need artificial intelligence.
Welcome to the age of AIOps.”

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