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Affinity Solutions ‘Data for Good’ Program Launches Week-by-Week Business Recovery Scorecard to Monitor COVID Recovery Indicators + Track Consumer Confidence

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Affinity Solutions, a leading provider of actionable insights to the world’s top brands, today launched the Business Recovery Scorecard (BRS) which will leverage its comprehensive database, based on transactions recorded on 90 million debit and credit cards across U.S consumers and 3K+ financial institutions, to follow the post-COVID economic recovery in real-time. All Affinity insights are based on actual purchase data; fully anonymized, aggregated and panelized with proven correlations to publicly available data. The new weekly BRS is the latest initiative of the company’s Data for Good platform, launched at the start of the COVID crisis to provide data-led behavioral insights to those on the front lines – marketers, government researchers, academics and scientists – so they can analyze, plan, and engage thoughtfully to make key business decisions and build deeper customer relationships, advocating for the health, safety and economic well-being of consumers.

The weekly data report will look at bellwether sectors such as grocery, delivery services and QSR as states across the country open back up for business to identify harbingers of what’s to come in the economic recovery. The BRS will also look at brand specific data in each industry category, along with consumer behavioral insights, such as confidence levels and shifts in online vs. offline spend. The data will be cut across demographics, including generation, political affiliation and income level. The BRS will afford leaders, in both the public and private sector, the opportunity to get a better understanding of what the path to the new normal looks like in near real-time.

“We have always believed that data is best when used as a foundation to improve people’s lives,” said Jonathan Silver, Founder and CEO of Affinity Solutions. “The COVID pandemic has only made this more clear, and whether it’s our broader Data for Good initiative, or our latest Business Recovery Scorecard, we are committed to sharing our best-in-class, fully anonymized and aggregated datasets with retailers, the media, scientists and others, so they can use them to take the actions required to ensure a better, safer, and more economically vibrant tomorrow, for us all.”

To schedule an interview with Jonathan Silver to discuss the latest Consumer Confidence numbers, COVID recovery indicators and learn how you can receive access to BRS insights to enrich your reporting, please contact Andrew Bard at: 917-628-8070.

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