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Aerospike to Power Verizon Media’s Global Data Platform

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Aerospike Inc., the global leader in next-generation, real-time NoSQL data solutions, today announced that Verizon Media has selected Aerospike as the enterprise-grade NoSQL database to power its Global Data Platform. Verizon Media will use Aerospike to consolidate and streamline its real-time, hyperscale digital data infrastructure. Aerospike will be used as Verizon Media’s user profile and data aggregation solutions for personalization and serving consumer data.

“We are excited to be working with Verizon Media to help them consolidate and reduce complexity of their back-end data systems,” says John Dillon, CEO, Aerospike. “Verizon Media is recognized as one of the most innovative digital media enterprises deploying mission-critical, real-time applications around the world. We work tirelessly with each and every one of our customers to earn their trust and are honored that Verizon Media has put their trust in us.”

About Aerospike

Aerospike is the global leader in next-generation, hyperscale data solutions. Aerospike enterprises overcome seemingly impossible data bottlenecks to compete and win with a fraction of the infrastructure cost and complexity of legacy NoSQL databases. Aerospike’s unique Hybrid Memory Architecture™ delivers an unbreakable competitive advantage by unlocking the full potential of modern hardware and eliminating all the friction that holds back companies from delivering unimaginable value from vast amounts of data at the edge, to the core and in the cloud. Aerospike empowers customers to instantly fight fraud, dramatically increase shopping cart size, deploy global digital payment networks and deliver instant, one-to-one personalization for millions of customers in the moments that matter. Aerospike customers include AirTel, Baidu, Banca D’Italia, Nielsen, PayPal, Snap, Verizon Media and Wayfair. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., with additional locations in London, Bengaluru, India and Or Yehuda, Israel.

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