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Action Network Selects HVR to Support Optimization of Email and Analytics Services through Real-Time Data Replication to the Cloud

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provider of real-time cloud data integration technology, today announced
that it has completed a 100% cloud data integration project for
mission-driven organization Action Network, supporting a faster and more
accurate product for its customers. HVR’s real-time data replication
solution helps Action Network reduce the time it takes customers to
create targeted email lists by 80%, and customers now receive real-time
data for analytics on their campaigns, allowing for more timely and
accurate decision-making.

“We selected HVR to enhance our email targeting application and
analytics solution, as it allows us to perform real-time replication
without putting any load on the source database,” said Jason Rosenbaum,
Director of Technology for Action Network. “With HVR, not only is our
entire solution simpler and requires less developer hours, but our
customers now get more accurate and timely email analytics.”

Action Network is dedicated to helping non-profit companies build online
power for grassroots movements. Its open platform provides advocacy
tools for their clients to organize events and fundraisers, conduct mass
mailings, and create petitions, as well as provide complex statistics to
analyze success. The organization needed to optimize their process to
allow their customers to quickly create targeted email lists and receive
real-time data to evaluate their campaigns. After testing various
resources, Action Network determined it could solve the challenge by
implementing a cloud-based data warehouse, but it needed automated,
real-time data replication between the production database and the cloud
data warehouse to fully realize this solution.

“HVR’s distributed architecture and low impact log-based CDC
functionality stands out from other replication solutions that use
remote capture on a single server,” said Mark Van de Wiel, Chief
Technology Officer for HVR. “By using HVR to simplify data replication
from a busy source database to the cloud data warehouse, Action Network
is able to provide its customers with reliable and accurate real-time

Action Network’s services rely on a robust production database to store
data from mailings and contact lists. Its email targeting and analytics
solution then replicates this information to an engine that allows
customers to run queries to create email lists and analyze the
performance of their email campaigns. However, because Action Network
had to parse out data for individual customers from millions of rows of
data, scripts took hours to run. By relying on HVR’s solution to
replicate data from its source production database to a cloud-based data
warehouse, Action Network now enables customers to create targeted email
lists and analyze the results from their campaigns in near-real-time,
rather than in minutes or hours.

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HVR provides a real-time cloud data replication
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