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Acquia Lightning Speeds Drupal Development With New Powerful Experience-Building Capabilities

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today released the latest version of Acquia
, a flexible Drupal 8 distribution thousands of
organizations are using to launch new Drupal sites and projects quickly.
Acquia Lightning offers new capabilities for developers, site builders,
site managers, and marketers to build sites faster and deliver richer
digital experiences.

As companies continue to elevate the role of content delivery across
every channel, teams face pressure to build sites that are increasingly
demanding. They have turned to open source distributions such as Acquia
Lightning to make building enterprise-ready, feature-rich sites faster
and maintaining them easier. The latest version aligns Acquia Lightning
with the recently released Drupal 8.7.

Acquia partner Igility
turned to Acquia Lightning to incorporate advanced Drupal
capabilities more quickly for the sites it builds for customers.
“Because Acquia Lightning is aligned to Drupal core’s roadmap, using it
provides developers the best long-term opportunity to be more efficient
when building and maintaining Drupal projects,” said Brad Gronek, CEO,
Igility Solutions. “We don’t have to reinvent the wheel when using
Acquia Lightning; module selection, integration and testing is all
handled by the Acquia Lightning team. That means we can focus on
experience innovation and spend less of our time and our customers’
money on maintenance and development.”

Acquia Lightning includes the following new capabilities:

  • Acquia Lightning takes advantage of the industry’s only fully
    accessible Layout Builder in Drupal 8.7, and also provides templates
    not available in Drupal core that editors can choose when creating or
    editing content. Layout Builder replaces the Panels and Panelizer
    modules previously available in Acquia Lightning.
  • Additional out-of-the-box Layout Builder components, on top of what
    Drupal core delivers, supporting the use of Google Maps, slideshows,
    banners and other rich media in layouts.
  • Enhanced media management, including a carousel widget that can be
    embedded on pages and a built-in tool to crop images.
  • A preview of a new, improved, and accessible administrative interface
    built on a design system consisting of visual and behavioral
    components and patterns, combined into user-friendly user interfaces.
  • Acquia Lightning has adopted Drupal’s support for JSON:API, delivering
    out-of-the-box support for building decoupled or headless applications
    using a common standard.

“By bringing together modules and capabilities enterprise applications
demand most, Acquia Lightning speeds up Drupal development time by 30
percent or more and helps organizations get to market faster and
maintain Drupal sites more easily, while delivering more engaging
experiences,” said Dries Buytaert, Drupal creator and project lead and
Acquia co-founder and CTO. “Acquia Lightning is the best place to start
a new Drupal 8 project, particularly on Acquia Cloud.”


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