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Accuver’s XCAL and XCAP Tools Ready to Support 5G NR Standalone (SA)

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Accuver, a leader in next generation wireless test and measurement solutions, today announced that its XCAL and XCAP tools are ready to support 5G NR Standalone.

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XCAL-M 5G NR SA Signaling Message (Graphic: Business Wire)

XCAL-M 5G NR SA Signaling Message (Graphic: Business Wire)

Accuver first developed its XCAL-M and XCAP-M tools for 5G in February 2018 to assist Samsung and Korea Telecom in launching the world’s first pre-standard 5G trial network during the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Now, the entire XCAL tool product line supports 5G NR Standalone (SA), which is the next major step in the architecture evolution of 5G networks.

“The evolution of 5G NR networks to SA mode is top of mind in both the strategy and actions of our customers so we are pleased to continue supporting their efforts towards becoming 5G leaders in our industry,” said Jinman Kim, Accuver Americas General Manager. “Accuver offers a faster time to market with XCAL and XCAP tools to readily assist with testing and optimizing a provider’s 5G networks.”

XCAL-M and XCAP-M are able to provide the following 5G NR SA features and capabilities in addition to our current 4G and 5G NR Non-Standalone (NSA) capabilities:

  • Support for Samsung Galaxy S20 family of devices (X55 Qualcomm chipset)
  • 5G SA Mode RRC/NAS Call Flow Analysis
  • Supports EPS Fallback and Return to NR for VoLTE
  • Supports KPIs based on RRC/NAS specific to SA such as RRC setup, Registration, MCG Mobility and others
  • Supports 5G SA Cell configuration Info based on SIB
  • NNDC Support

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