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Accenture, Splunk, UTC and Veracode Join SAFECode

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The Software
Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code
(SAFECode) announced today
that Accenture, Splunk and United Technologies joined SAFECode as new
Associate Members, and Veracode rejoined the organization as an
Associate Member. SAFECode is a non-profit, global industry forum where
business leaders and technical experts come together to exchange
insights and ideas on creating, improving and promoting scalable and
effective software security programs.

“The addition of these companies as SAFECode
is significant because they bring a deep expertise in secure
software development and a broad industry perspective. Joining SAFECode
acknowledges their commitment to identifying and promoting proven
methods of software assurance. I’m pleased to be able to welcome them
aboard and look forward to their contributions,” said Steve Lipner,
executive director, SAFECode.

SAFECode provides its members with a forum to safely and directly
connect with other software security professionals to exchange ideas,
share lessons learned, and collaborate on ways to make a positive impact
on both their businesses, and the security of the greater technology
ecosystem. Non-members may also benefit from free access to SAFECode
resources such as its secure
software assurance best practices publications
and technical
training videos

Member Supporting Statements
“We are excited to be a member
of SAFECode as we believe it is vital for all companies to embed strong
cybersecurity practices in their development activities, so they can
grow confidently and build cyber resilience. Applications constitute one
of the most common ways for humans as well as machines to interact with
data and reducing vulnerabilities around these applications can
significantly enhance a company’s overall security posture.” Tara
Khanna, who leads Accenture’s application security business.

“Splunk has an obligation to its customers to develop and deliver secure
software that helps them solve their toughest business challenges, in an
environment with ever-increasing demands on speed, volume and
performance. Because security is a team sport, it’s important that we
collaborate with our peers to ensure that security is a key component of
the product development lifecycle. We are thrilled to join SAFECode as
an Associate Member, which will further enable Splunk to make data
accessible, usable and valuable to everyone.” Jeremy Rishel, vice
president of platform and market group engineering, Splunk.

“Veracode is proud to join SAFECode in support of its global effort to
promote best practices in developing secure software. Our research shows
that following secure software development principles results in fixing
flaws 11.5 times faster than the typical organization, which reduces
overall risk. We believe secure code is synonymous with high quality
code, and Veracode is dedicated to helping security and development
professionals learn new skills and improve their understanding of
application security.” Chris Wysopal, co-founder and CTO, Veracode.

About SAFECode
The Software Assurance Forum for Excellence
in Code (SAFECode) is a non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to
increasing trust in information and communications technology products
and services through the advancement of effective software assurance
methods. SAFECode is a global, industry-led effort to identify and
promote best practices for developing and delivering more secure and
reliable software, hardware and services. Its members include Adobe
Systems Incorporated, CA Technologies, Dell EMC, Intel Corporation,
Microsoft Corp., Siemens AG and Symantec Corp. For more information,
please visit