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A German Telecom Industry Client Achieves 33% Increase in Annual Revenue with Market Scanning and Monitoring Analysis: Infiniti Research’s Latest Success Story

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A well-known market intelligence company, Infiniti Research, has announced the completion of its latest success story on market scanning and monitoring solution for a telecom sector client. Although the German telecom industry has been experiencing positive growth over the past few years, market innovations and industry developments are compelling telecom service providers to rethink the way they operate and strengthen competitive position.

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Market Scanning and Monitoring Analysis for a German Telecom Industry Client. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Market Scanning and Monitoring Analysis for a German Telecom Industry Client. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The client, a telecom services provider in Germany encountered rapidly declining profits as intense competition and technological advancements redefined the industry landscape. By leveraging Infiniti’s solutions, the client was able to strengthen its market position and develop a new growth strategy.

Business challenge: With the German telecom industry continuing to deal with network cybersecurity risks and an uncertain regulatory environment, the client needed a new growth strategy that would address the complex issues eroding growth and its market leadership. This required overcoming major hurdles including creating cost reduction plans, strengthening competitive position, upgrading and transitioning to an improved broadband network and IT platforms, and redesigning customer service processes. By leveraging Infiniti’s solutions, the client also sought to:

  • Cut costs and focus on topline growth
  • Redesign the customer service process by defining critical interventions that would minimize changes in the supporting IT systems
  • Align channels to customer needs
  • Win back and retain customers

Solution offered: our market intelligence analysts worked closely with the German telecom industry client’s operation and sales department to understand their key challenges. Our customer needs analysis showed that the German telecom industry client should focus on increasing customer experiences across all customer support centers. To achieve this key objective, we helped the client’s sales team to segment customers based on their needs and provide personalized offerings. Based on the analysis, we provided recommendations for the client to improve performance, especially among its field workers by creating flexible incentives and programs.

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Results obtained: With Infiniti’s market scanning and monitoring analysis the client:

  • Upgraded wireless networks to provide customers with superior service and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Identify strategies to clear the product testing procedures faster and reduce time to market
  • Adapted their organization to digital transformation by creating strong cross-functional interfaces
  • Transformed their business model, mitigated cybersecurity threats, and met the demand for responsive customer service
  • Achieved a 50% reduction in delivery lead times for basic telecom products and a 66% reduction in inquiry calls
  • Strengthened market position and achieved approximately 33% increase in annual revenue.

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