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A Direct Marketing Company LeadsRain, Launches All-in-One Web Portal

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LeadsRain, a global automated lead generation company, has announced the
launch of its all-new website and full umbrella of telecom services
designed to maximize enterprise marketing potential. Founded on a model
of cloud-based dialing solution, LeadsRain has expanded to include all
the services and professional advice for businesses of all size to
harness the power of phone-based marketing strategies. LeadsRain clients
can now take advantage of transparent per-minute pricing to execute a
multichannel campaign using Predictive Dialing, Voice Broadcast,
Ringless Voicemail and Rich Text Messaging services. The website
features a new, unified single pane billing system to manage all the
services under one umbrella.

Our new website also offers an AI module to leverage our 11 years of
industry experience to provide a professional service suggestions to
guide the client towards the right services for their individual
campaign. Prospective clients can provide the basic targets and goals,
then using our AI we’ll recommend strategies and pricing.

For instance, by using LeadsRain’s umbrella approach, a client can use
Ringless Voicemail for initial contact, text messages for customers with
interest, then Predictive Dialer for a direct communication and to close
the sale. Later, they can use Voice Broadcast for future product updates
or promotional offers.

Services Include:

Predictive Dialer

Makes calls, sorts them based on responses such as busy, answering
machine or human voice, and connects human-detected calls to customer
service agents.


With no annoying disruption, marketers can instead use a more gentle
approach. Messages are left directly on the customer’s voicemail without
ringing the phone so they can listen at their own convenience.


Voice Broadcast is an instant solution for reaching millions of
customers within hours. Customers can then connect instantly with the
press of a button.

Text Messaging

In-house developed text messaging platform that allows clients to send
an image, video, audio, map location etc. Other features include link
preview and QR codes to enrich the messaging experience.

LeadsRain is the first company to offer a complete direct marketing
solutions. Our mission is to bring the finest solutions based on state
of the art technology in the most innovative manner and prices that put
offer financial leverage to their clients.

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