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3PEA International Announces Name Change to Paysign

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, Inc. (NASDAQ: TPNL),
a vertically integrated provider of innovative prepaid card programs and
processing services for corporate, consumer and government applications,
announced that it will be changing its corporate name to Paysign, Inc.
The new corporate name has been chosen to align the Company with its
Paysign brand of prepaid card and virtual payment solutions.

In addition to the new corporate name, the Company will be changing its
ticker symbol on NASDAQ to “PAYS”. The Company will announce the date
upon which the name change and new ticker symbol will become effective.
Until that date, the Company’s stock will continue to trade under the
existing “TPNL” ticker symbol.

The adoption of the Paysign, Inc. name underscores the strategic efforts
to position the Company as a leader in innovative payment solutions for
corporations, consumers and the public sector. Paysign’s customizable
prepaid solutions offer significant cost savings, while improving brand
recognition and customer loyalty.

“Paysign clearly reflects the identity, vision and direction of our
business,” said Mark Newcomer, Chief Executive Officer, 3PEA
International. “As we continue to align and refine the Company’s
business focus and strategy, the Paysign name better enables us to
clearly convey the value proposition of our brand portfolio. The name
embodies our mission of changing the way corporations reward, motivate,
and engage their current and potential customers, employees and agents.”

“Our entire Company is energized to move forward as a uniquely
positioned brand with the competency, vision and execution that helps
our customers address today’s fast-changing needs,” said Dan Henry,
Chairman, 3PEA International. “Paysign validates the Company’s
customer-focused value proposition, industry-leading platform and
long-term growth trajectory.”

“The evolution of 3PEA to Paysign reflects the expansion and scale of
the business as we continue to grow,” added Newcomer. “The Paysign brand
is a reflection of our commitment to providing the most trusted,
innovative, cost effective, customizable payment solutions to our
corporate customers and cardholders alike. PaySign has a rich history
and reputation and it is important to us that our new name celebrate

About 3PEA International

3PEA International (NASDAQ: TPNL),
is an experienced and trusted prepaid debit card payment solutions
provider as well as an integrated payment processor that has managed
millions of prepaid debit cards in its portfolio. Through its Paysign
brand, 3PEA conceptualizes, develops and manages payment solutions,
prepaid card programs, and customized payment services. 3PEA’s corporate
incentive prepaid cards are changing the way corporations reward,
motivate, and engage their current and potential customers, employees,
and agents. 3PEA’s customizable prepaid solutions offer significant cost
savings while improving brand recognition and customer loyalty. 3PEA’s
customers include healthcare companies, major pharmaceutical companies,
large multinationals, prestigious universities, and social media
companies. Paysign is a registered trademark of 3PEA Technologies, Inc.
in the United States and other countries. For more information visit us
at or
follow us on Linkedin,
and Facebook.

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