Press release Offering Free Online Coronavirus Assessments in Canada

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Locke Bio today launched, a free telehealth tool to help people exhibiting coronavirus symptoms connect with medical professionals via teleconference to determine the likelihood of having coronavirus. People who think they may have COVID-19 can use a simple online assessment tool that evaluates fever, cough, and shortness of breath; those who exhibit the classic signs of the illness are referred for a video consultation. The tool also includes free resources on recognizing symptoms, protecting others, and preventing the spread of the virus.

Developed by Cathy Tie, a 23-year-old Torontonian who published her first research paper at 16, was named a Thiel fellow, and founded San Francisco-based genetic screening company Ranomics. In 2018 Forbes named her to the Healthcare “30 under 30” list, and she was the youngest partner at Cervin Ventures. In 2019 she founded Locke Bio, which owns several direct-to-consumer telepharmacy brands that allow patients to get prescriptions from medical professionals online and have medication delivered to their doors.

“Over the next few months, it will be critical for people to limit their exposure to others – including in hospitals and doctors’ offices,” says Tie. “Locke Bio has a team of medical professionals and a telemedicine software already set up, and we felt that we were ideally positioned to help stem the spread of COVID-19 and provide assistance to people who need it. We want to give people the opportunity to connect with healthcare professionals without having to leave their homes. We will keep this service open and available for all people who need it until the crisis is over.”

About 19Check

19Check is a telehealth platform that aims to reduce COVID-19 infections by allowing symptomatic patients to receive information and care, including consultations with doctors and nurse practitioners, at no cost. The service was created by biotech innovator Cathy Tie, and is based in San Francisco. 19Check is a service of Locke Bio, which provides telemedicine and prescription delivery services throughout Canada.