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11 Health Offers Free Virtual Support Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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11 Health, a medical technology company improving the lives of people with digestive disorders through smart technology, today announced it will offer 12 weeks of free service using the Alfred SmartCare Platform to provide technology-enabled virtual peer support for people with chronic digestive diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), colorectal cancer and ostomies. The app-based service helps keep patients at home and out of the hospital, which is now more important than ever, as hospitals focus on COVID-19 treatment.

Millions of Americans suffer from IBD, colorectal cancer or live with an ostomy.1 These diseases are physically and emotionally demanding and contribute to high hospital readmission rates. For example, 24 percent of hospitalized IBD patients are readmitted within 90 days.2

The Alfred SmartCare Platform uses a smartphone app to monitor and alert patients around critical common issues such as hydration and skin irritation. The app also connects people to patient coaches – peers who live with similar chronic digestive diseases – and specialized nurses to help them with self-management and emotional support. The platform can be used with or without 11 Health’s smart ostomy bag.

“My own experience with an ileostomy and cancer showed me how severely underserved this community of people have been for far too long, which is what drove me to found the company,” said Michael Seres, founder and CEO of 11 Health. “Our remote monitoring technology, peer support and expert nurses work together to provide differentiated care that improves quality of care for people with chronic and severe digestive diseases, while helping reduce some of the burden the health care system is experiencing during this crisis.”

Through the Alfred SmartCare Platform, patients receive 24/7 access to empathetic and well-trained coaches nationwide. Immediate service provides psychological and physical support that helps to reduce hospital readmissions. In patients using the SmartCare Platform, 82 percent of escalations to a nurse triggered by the system were resolved at the first encounter, leading to a 45 percent reduction in acute care encounters overall including a 31 percent reduction in hospital readmissions.3

To access the free 12-week program, download the Alfred SmartCare app via Google Play or the App Store and register for the service.

About 11 Health

11 Health is dedicated to improving post-operative care for people living with digestive disorders such as irritable bowel disease (IBD), colorectal cancer and ostomies through smart technology. The company’s Alfred SmartCare Platform is the first-and-only FDA-cleared system that brings together tech-enabled medical bags, remote monitoring and peer-to-peer patient support to dramatically improve the way patients manage their chronic digestive conditions. Founded by Michael Seres, a patient turned entrepreneur, 11 Health is dedicated to driving meaningful disruption in patient care by focusing on patient needs and close collaboration within the clinical community.

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3Analysis of 215 users of the Alfred SmartCare platform October 2018-March 2020