The Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Workforce Management

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast

What general impact has the pandemic had on workforce management? And how are businesses now using digital tools to manage their dispersed workforces?

Sandra Moran has more than 25 years of experience enabling global software and technology companies to strengthen their brand and accelerate revenue growth. Having held leadership roles in marketing, sales, new business, and product management, Sandra has built and led high-performing global cross-functional teams to support the identification and delivery of sustainable business growth.

Sandra Moran, CMO, WorkForce Software
Sandra Moran, CMO, WorkForce Software.

Before joining WorkForce Software, Sandra served as the CMO at LLamasoft and INTTRA and has held global leadership roles at OpenText and Hyperion. Sandra earned a bachelor’s degree in business analytics and research from Texas A&M University.