Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Future of SaaS

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast

How has Saas become an essential component of a successful business? The importance of a robust and expansive data lake plays in the SaaS model. Understand what it takes to build and maintain a sufficient data lake – the challenges, the team required, and other business considerations to making it work.


Mark Sheldon, CTO at Sidetrade.
Mark Sheldon, CTO, Sidetrade.

Prior to his current role, Mark co-founded a predictive analytics company that was subsequently acquired by Sidetrade. His main responsibilities include overseeing the business’ global R&D strategy, leading a team of almost 100 engineers, and driving forward Sidetrade’s corporate strategy. He also oversees several internal initiatives, including the opening of Sidetrade’s Birmingham tech hub in 2020, and running Sidetrade’s Code Academy – an apprenticeship-style programming course for school leavers, with full-time job opportunities at graduation.