Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Securing the Virtual

Tamas Kadar is the founder and CEO of SEON

What are the main security risks and vulnerabilities associated with the Metaverse, AR, and VR technologies?

How do the security challenges in the Metaverse differ from those in traditional online platforms and applications? And are there any specific concerns related to user data privacy and how it is handled within virtual environments?




Tamas Kadar,  Founder and CEO of SEON.

He started the company with his co-founder when they were still students in university and built it from scratch. A graduate of the elite Corvinus University, he studied Deep Info Comms where he saw first-hand how fraudsters and hackers looked to get around security measures. He has been featured in Forbes’ ‘Hottest Young Startups in Europe’ and is a regular startup pitch winner. He’s a true tech enthusiast’s product visionary for creating a fraud-free world and has recently been included in the elite Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list as the face of the technology list.