Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Post-Pandemic Logistics

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast

How have logistics and procurement been fundamentally changed by the pandemic? What is the core logistical challenges facing businesses as they move into the post-pandemic era?

Diego Barilla is CCO, Globality.

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Post-Pandemic Logistics
Diego Barilla is CCO of Globality.

Diego has a demonstrated track record of success across the entire value chain, from operations to sales and customer service, and end-to-end accountability. Prior to working at Globality, Diego was Partner at Mckinsey & Co. for ten years, where he created mechanisms to enable collaboration across the engineering, purchasing, finance, sales and marketing functions, and improved governance and performance management. He also led McKinsey’s purchasing and supply management practice in the UK and Ireland. Diego is based in London and was educated at Università degli studi Roma TRE in Rome.