Silicon In Focus Podcast: Why Digital Transformation Projects Fail

Sundara Sukavanam, Chief Digital Officer, Firstsource.

The pandemic catapulted digital transformation up the priority list of many businesses yet McKinsey estimating that around 70% of digital transformation projects fail, C-suite leaders need to be cautious as they embark on change initiatives.

The most common pitfalls include:

The budget-ownership imbalance: In the majority of cases, the individual driving the change project is the CIO but only 18% are involved in the associated budgeting – compared to 35% CEO and 29% CFO. Companies need to have a clear outlook on who owns the budget 

Purpose and success misalignment: Having a clear purpose is imperative for creating success metrics. They also need to become less rigid and more agile.

Miss judging organisational readiness: Every change project has knock-on impacts on the rest of the organisation, so it is vital leaders identify these potential ripples ahead of time and use them to inform whether the organisation is ready to evolve.

Overlooking dissenting opinions: Senior executives need to do more than create an open feedback culture. Instead, strategies like steering groups are needed to empower freethinkers and force teams to confront uncomfortable topics.


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Sundara Sukavanam is a business and technology leader with over 25 years of experience in the IT and operations industry. Today, he is the Chief Digital Officer at Firstsource, driving its ‘Digital First, Digital Now’ agenda. Sundara guides enterprise clients through their digital transformation journeys by helping leaders understand what to measure and how, create the necessary governance, and structural transformation to deliver the biggest benefits with minimal disruption.