Silicon In Focus Podcast: Next-Generation Supply Chains

Olivier Buffon, Head of International at Faire

The retail space online and in the high street is continuing to transform. Can marketplaces help smaller retailers compete and differentiate their businesses? And what does the future of integrated retailing look like as customer experiences drive demand for change?

Olivier Buffon, Head of International at Faire.

Founded in 2017, Faire offers a curated online wholesale platform that enables meaningful cross-border collaborations between small businesses globally, connecting more than 300,000 retailers across North America and Europe with 40,000 brands from across the world.

Olivier joined Faire last year from Airbnb, where he led international operations, to spearhead Faire’s international growth in Europe and beyond. With Olivier at the helm, Faire’s international expansion has seen tremendous success, launching in over 15 new counties across Europe and doubling its team to nearly 700 people across ten global offices.