Silicon In Focus Podcast: Content Enablement

Christian Lund, Co-founder, Templafy

Templafy’s own research shows over one in four in the UK (27%) use six to ten different applications a week, resulting in 29% of UK workers feeling frustrated from changing between so many tools and wasting time.

Christian Lund, Co-founder, Templafy.
With over 15 years of domain knowledge, Christian helped spearhead the transition for large organizations from on-premise systems to Software-as-a-Service solutions for document content and template management – including playing a large role in the creation of Omnidocs. At Templafy, Chrisitan has been essential to the pioneering work the company is doing within the content enablement space. In his role with the company, he helps develop the product vision and drive the product narrative to support alignment across all business units and help Templafy’s go to market activities.

The future of work is developing before our eyes and businesses need a technology stack that can support it. With the current enterprise tech stack missing the mark, Templafy’s 2021 Business Enablement report examines how organizations can implement technology that better supports their teams and how these shifts can positively impact business performance.