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Questions Continue About Jobs’ Health

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have saved his life with a liver transplant, but questions about his medical leave could continue to dog his company, even after a highly successful June that saw the rollout of the iPhone 3G S.

Vodafone Launches Home 3G Femtocell In The UK–vodafone-will-offer-3g-femtocell-free–1205A breakthrough moment for signal-boosting indoor 3G femto technology – but will Vodafone encourage data on the system?

Ballmer: Bing Won’t Have Bang For A While

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced during the National Summit in Detroit that Bing would have a potentially hard and long road as it attempts to compete with Google in the search-engine space

Apple iPhone 3.0 Software Review

The new software launched with the iPhone 3G S adds much needed basics to the popular phone family – but careful with the remote wipe

Windows Fan Calls For Opera Ban

David Taraso of the Website argues that Microsoft should be allowed to put its Internet Explorer browser in Windows without having to promote a competing browser

Dell Recruits Sales Help From Twitter

Twitter has helped Dell sell its products, suggesting a model by which the popular social networking site could assist other companies in generating revenue

Jobs Misses Apple’s WDC Conference

The number of iPhone and iTouch users continues to spiral up despite the recession: from 1 million active users in 2002 to 25m in 2007 to an estimated 75m in 2009