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Microsoft Releases IE8

Security, ease of use, and improvements in RSS, Cascading Style Sheets and AJAX support are key priorities for Internet Explorer 8, according to Microsoft

Fastest Browser Fight Is Pointless

Who cares how fast a browser is? Only the makers, because they don’t have any other objective comparisons to make between the programs, says Jim Rapozo

If IBM Swallows Sun, Open-Source Is The Winner

There is a lot of overlap for IBM and Sun in the areas of open source and operating systems – but that could actually be a good thing, given IBM’s ability to build business on the open source model

IBM May Acquire Sun Microsystems

With a reported $6.5 billion (£4.5bn) in cash on the table for Sun Microsystems, IBM would be well positioned to snag significant market share

BigFix SAM Tool : Track Enterprise Software

How many software packages, licenses, versions and locations are spread across your company? If you can even start to answer, then chances are you’re ahead of the game.


Recession Isn’t Boosting The Cloud

Despite the promise that cloud computing can cut costs , companies in the UK are hesitating to adopt it, according to a survey by IT consultancy Avanade.

Sun JavaFX: A Move Into the RIA Space

Sun Microsystems rolls out JavaFX to challenge Adobe AIR, Flex and Microsoft Silverlight, in the highly competitive rich Internet application space.

Microsoft Azure Cloud SDK

Azure is Microsoft’s entry into the cloud computing world competing against the likes of and Google. eWEEK Labs tries it out.

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