Logica Denies Price War, HP Disagrees

IT services company Lgica says that customers will still favour quality over price, even in a recession. But HP’s UK director says he has seen competitors making “suicidal” offers

Beware Of Software Bearing Gifts

If your applications aren’t behaving the way you expect, the problem may not be where you think. Peter Judge found that familiar, trusted software may not be quite what it appears

Polycom Pushes High-End Video Conferencing

Video conferencing specialist Polycom says its HD-ready system, will boost take-up of telepresence, and cut business travel, but  analysts warn of slow uptake and hidden costs around the technology

Gmail Failure: Reality Bites for Cloud Computing

Update: Gmail is back, after a two-hour outage. The company has not yet said how many people were affected, but twitter traffic from round the world reveals a major outage. That’s a pain for millions of ordinary users – but it could be a disaster for those planning to sell application services in the cloud.

Microsoft takes money back from sacked workers

Microsoft is asking recently laid-off employees to return some of their severance pay that the company apparently overpaid, according to reports. As the recession bites, Microsoft and IBM are both facing layoffs and bad publicity.

Can Sustainable IT Avoid False Accounting?

Now the word is out: there is money to be made in sustainable IT, we can expect the usual feeding frenzy as vendors try to cash in. This time, we can’t afford to fall for phony greenwash.

IBM Puts Zend PHP stack on System i

 IBM is to preload Zend’s PHP-based Web stack with every shipment of System i, the operating system for for IBM Power Systems. Around five million developers and 22 million Internet domains use PHP, including Yahoo and Facebook.

W3C Calls for Web 2.0 Data Sharing

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)  has called for social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter to share profiles and data, to grow further Web 2.0 opportunities.

Google Latitude Let Users Track Colleagues on Maps

A Google application called Latitude lets users track friends, family and colleagues via Google Maps on a PC or mobile device. Google says Latitude is available on BlackBerry, S60 and Windows Mobile devices, and is coming to the Apple iPhone through Google Mobile App “very soon.”

Google Quietly Declares E-Mail War on Yahoo

Many people send e-mail messages while exhausted, angry or inebriated that they later regret. As part of Google’s quest to attract users to its Gmail service, the Internet search and messaging and collaboration company has introduced dozens of features via Gmail Labs, including one that, after a certain time, makes a user solve a math problem before sending an e-mail, giving time to rethink it. Because Google makes money every time e-mail users click on ads, it is enhancing its e-mail service to increase advertising and take market share away from Yahoo. Becomes Social Content Management Service, which began life as a file management and file-sharing platform in a cloud computing environment, is becoming a more robust content management provider. The startup adds profiles, discussions, bookmarks and other messaging, collaboration, and social computing tools to better compete with Google, DropBox, EMC and other Web service storage providers.

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