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Google Launches Gmail Translation Tool

Google has introduced several new features in 2009 to Google Apps and Gmail designed to make those services more robust for the enterprise, in addition to increasing their consumer user base

Gmail Suffers Two New Outages

Google's Gmail service reportedly failed at 11am this morning - but our evidence is there was an earlier failure with some emails not restored

T-Mobile UK To Merge?

Deutsche Telekom has reportedly put its UK mobile network, T-Mobile up for sale. That's to be expected, with its numbers declining, but who would buy it, asks Peter Judge

Smart Grid Meters Use IM

Intelligent meters are using the XMPP "presence" standard to keep a better grip on power usage

NHS Moves To Microsoft Exchange

The world's biggest email migration went all right. But what about the stalled £12.7 billion project for patient records?

Google Fixes Chrome Bug, Blames Microsoft IE

If your PC uses two browsers in tandem - say Google and IE - whose job is it to protect you from malware? Like Mozilla before it, Google is passing the buck to Microsoft, says Larry Seltzer

Is Twitter Spreading Swine Flu Fever?

Social media such as Twitter are doing more harm than good by stoking fears of a swine flu pandemic, while other sites are finding ways to help, says Darryl Taft

Google Extends Product Search To Android, iPhone

Google Product Search now has increased functionality on mobile devices, including ones that run Google's Android operating system, and iPhones. As Google Android begins to penetrate the smartphone and netbook market, Google has tailor ...