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Pirate Bay – A Fair Verdict?

The Pirate Bay founders have been given prison sentences for enabling copyright theft. The verdict has been loudly protested, but Larry Seltzer says they got what they deserved

Lenovo Launches Hardware Password Manager

Lenovo is encouraging the end of passwords taped to PCs, with its Hardware Password Manager, a server solution that enables IT to remotely manage a fleet of fully encrypted hard drives

RSA Conference Offers Help To Jobless

In a nod to the economic climate, the conference offered laid-off security pros scholarships to attend the event in 2009, and there will be a special workshop for job seekers and employers.

EC To Sue UK For Inaction Over Phorm

The UK Government failed to respond to privacy issues raised by BT's secret trials of the Phorm behavioural ad targetting system, according to Brussels

Microsoft Tries To Patch Hacker Holes

The latest security bulletins address issues being targeted by hackers in the wild, including vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office Excel and WordPad

Amazon Rejects Hacker Glitch Claims

An glitch reduced the sales rankings of 57,000 titles - but something isn't right about the story of the hacker who claimed to have caused the problem

Adobe Is Web Hackers’ Top Target

Adobe's Flash player and Acrobat software were the top targets for hackers attempting to install malware on Europe's PCs during 2008, according to security researchers at Symantec.