Google Fixes Chrome Bug, Blames Microsoft IE

If your PC uses two browsers in tandem – say Google and IE – whose job is it to protect you from malware? Like Mozilla before it, Google is passing the buck to Microsoft, says Larry Seltzer

Virtualisation Inspires A Security Rebirth

There’s a new IT world coming, and when information security companies gear up to it, they’ll find new opportunities as well as new tasks, says Cameron Sturdevant

Is Twitter Spreading Swine Flu Fever?

Social media such as Twitter are doing more harm than good by stoking fears of a swine flu pandemic, while other sites are finding ways to help, says Darryl Taft

Hackers Steal US Strike Fighter Data

The most expensive Pentagon weapons system ever developed, the program involves 7.5 million lines of code, of which hackers made off with several terabytes.

Pirate Bay – A Fair Verdict?

The Pirate Bay founders have been given prison sentences for enabling copyright theft. The verdict has been loudly protested, but Larry Seltzer says they got what they deserved

Lenovo Launches Hardware Password Manager

Lenovo is encouraging the end of passwords taped to PCs, with its Hardware Password Manager, a server solution that enables IT to remotely manage a fleet of fully encrypted hard drives

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