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Sun Escapes £69m Lawsuit

Versata claimed Sun stole its technology for a product configurator designed to model a software development project throughout the entire product cycle

Oracle Will Dim The Lights Of Sun

Oracle’s acquisition will end one of the most inspirational high-tech companies in Silicon Valley history. And it’s a sad day for the open-source community, which loses a champion, says Joe Wilcox

Google Extends Product Search To Android, iPhone

Google Product Search now has increased functionality on mobile devices, including ones that run Google’s Android operating system, and iPhones. As Google Android begins to penetrate the smartphone and netbook market, Google has tailored core products to run more efficiently on the OS.

What Oracle Means For Java

Oracle’s experience in Java could make it a better home for the technology than IBM, say insiders in the Java community

Windows On 96 Percent of Netbooks? No Way!

A Microsoft exec has announced the death of the Linux netbook. He’s ignoring the world picture, and speaking too soon: Linux is still alive on the tiny laptops at least for now, says Joe Wilcox

Beware Of Nehalem’s Virtualisation Risk

Intel’s new flagship can cut your data centre’s power and space demands by packing more virtual machines in, but think before you put all your eggs in one basket, warns Cameron Sturdevant

Open Cloud Manifesto: Blighted From Birth?

Is the Open Coud Manifesto doomed even as it is officially announced? The top three cloud platforms have backed off, and the group faces stern criticism from the outsiders

IBM/Sun: The Technology Fall-Out

If the merger goes ahead, IBM will have to make choices: Which database, which directory, and which virtualisation technology?

IBM Puts Zend PHP stack on System i

 IBM is to preload Zend’s PHP-based Web stack with every shipment of System i, the operating system for for IBM Power Systems. Around five million developers and 22 million Internet domains use PHP, including Yahoo and Facebook.

Adobe AIR, Flash Installations Surge

At Adobe MAX Japan, Adobe announces that Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player 10 have reached record adoption numbers to the tune of 100 million installations for Adobe AIR within a year of its release and Flash Player 10 being installed on 55 percent of computers worldwide within two months of its release.