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Bing Grew Fast In June

Microsoft Bing grew to more than five percent of the US online search market during its first month – clocking up a growth rate of 25 percent per week, according to Hitwise

Google Chrome OS: Five Pros And Five Cons

How will Google’s Chrome operating system compete with the likes of Microsoft? Eric Lundquist lists five reasons why the Chrome OS is a big deal, and five reasons why it isn’t

Google Launches its Chrome OS

Google has introduced its new Google Chrome OS, an operating system project separate from Android and targeted at PCs

UK SMEs Rely On Poor Data

Ninety-eight percent of UK mid-market companies are struggling with data quality, according to IBM research

BT Does U-Turn And Drops Phorm

BT has abandoned its plans to use the the controversial web monitoring tool on to its broadband users, in favour of “interest-based” ads.