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Fujitsu Unlocks The Cosmic Cube

What does the name of Fujitsu’s new blade-based data centre system, the Dynamic Cube, actually mean? Forget the speeds and feeds – Peter Judge wants occult significance 

Oracle Is Nuts To Stick With Sun Hardware

Larry Ellison has committed Oracle to investing more in Sun’s SPARC, apparently because he think servers are like iPhones. That’s just silly, says Peter Judge

How To Run An Efficient Data Centre

The technology to make data centres more efficient is well-proven – but it’s only implemented on a minority of data centre servers. Our new practical How To Guide will help you cut costs

NHS Moves To Microsoft Exchange

The world’s biggest email migration went all right. But what about the stalled £12.7 billion project for patient records?

Oracle Will Dim The Lights Of Sun

Oracle’s acquisition will end one of the most inspirational high-tech companies in Silicon Valley history. And it’s a sad day for the open-source community, which loses a champion, says Joe Wilcox

US Congress Passes E-Waste Bill in Nod to Earth Day

Lawmakers have paid tribute to Earth Day with legislation providing grant funds for practical solutions to reduce the growing mounds of old cell phones, televisions, computers and other electronic devices.

Talking Sense On Broadband Britain

Finally, a Universal Service Obligation for broadband. It’s less than we want, but we should make sure it is not more than we can afford, because this really is crucial to our future, says Peter Judge