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Cisco Boss Says Video Is The Future

Chambers pointed to Cisco’s purchase of the company that made the Flip video as a key advantage for Cisco as it moves into a more video-based future, where he said video will soon account for 90 percent of all network traffic

Broadcom Offering Low Power Switches

Broadcom is rolling out a host of products to support a unified networking vision both at the core of the enterprise data center and on the edge of business WLANs

Storage Economics: When Data Meets Dough

If you think storage is cheap, you aren’t doing your sums right. The big picture, with power, carbon, and legal costs, adds up to a new discipline, says Hitachi Data Systems’ David Merrill – a storage economist

Cisco Develops Smart Grid For Green Power

Cisco Systems is unveiling its Smart Grid initiative, a move to offering an end-to-end communications platform based on IP protocols to a power industry under pressure to create more electricity and to do so more efficiently

Fujitsu Unlocks The Cosmic Cube

What does the name of Fujitsu’s new blade-based data centre system, the Dynamic Cube, actually mean? Forget the speeds and feeds – Peter Judge wants occult significance 

Oracle Is Nuts To Stick With Sun Hardware

Larry Ellison has committed Oracle to investing more in Sun’s SPARC, apparently because he think servers are like iPhones. That’s just silly, says Peter Judge