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Sun Shines On Oracle Fusion Launch

Oracle’s newest middleware technology platform takes advantage of virtualisation and includes new developer tools for easier application building

Pirate Bay Sold For £4.7 Million

The Swedish software firm buying Pirate Bay plans to use its brand together with new file-sharing technology to create a new, legitimate business model.

Vodafone Launches Home 3G Femtocell In The UK–vodafone-will-offer-3g-femtocell-free–1205A breakthrough moment for signal-boosting indoor 3G femto technology – but will Vodafone encourage data on the system?

HP Allies With Alcatel-Lucent Against Cisco, IBM

The Alcatel-Lucent alliance will add to what HP can do in networking. It also will help HP build up its cloud computing capabilities, which will let HP keep in stride with such vendors as IBM and Cisco in that space