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UK Dodges EU Car Crash Call System

The EU has called on the UK to take its “foot off the brake” over the eCall system which could save 2500 lives each year by automating emergency calls

Learn From The Downfall Of WPA!

The wireless security scheme WPA has been cracked in less than 60 seconds by researchers. Smart professionals will have seen this coming, and adopted a security approach that deals with the security arms race, says Larry Walsh

BT Slated For Axing Graduate Scheme

BT’s decision to cancel this year’s graduate recruitment programme is tough on new graduates, and will rebound against the telecom giant, says a recruiters’ organisation

BT: Digital Britain Needs New Thinking

BT has plenty of ideas to help meet the Digital Britain plans for a universal broadband service – but the government needs to work out what services users need, says BT’s corporate strategy director

Why Apple Must Embrace Google Voice This Time

In order to make amends for legions of iPhone users upset at the first rejection, Apple needs to take advantage of this second opportunity with the Google Voice app and accept that new app with open arms