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Apple iPads Will Be Used At Work

Users will take their iPads to work, despite the doubts of IT managers who still don't trust Apple's iPhone, a survey has found

Bookseller Jumps On iPad E-Reader Wagon

Barnes & Noble plans to release an e-reader application for Apple's upcoming iPad tablet PC, suggesting a strategy of porting its own e-reader brand onto as many screens as possible

Analyst Knocks iPad Naysayers

General expectations of the Apple iPad's level of success are overly pessimistic, says a Broadpoint AmTech report, which predicts 2010 sales of up to 4 million units

Apple Confirms iPad Arrival In April

Apple has confirmed that the iPad is to go on sale in the US on 3 April, although British users will have to wait until later in the month to get the device

iPhone OS May Be Ported Onto Apple TV

Apple's advertisement for an engineering manager ready to bring the iPhone OS to new platforms has encouraged thoughts of big changes for Apple TV.