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MetaGeek Wi-Spy DBx Offers Cheap, Easy WLAN Analysis

With the proliferation of WLANs in businesses and homes, the need to plan and police wireless networks is growing. The MetaGeek Wi-Spy DBx USB device and accompanying Chanalyzer 3.1 software simplify sophisticated spectrum study for the masses.

Treo Pro Looks Good, but Needs Improving

The Treo Pro from Palm is bringing a sleek new look to the smartphone for business users. However, the erratic 3G performance and battery life issues in the Palm Treo Pro need to be resolved.

Nokia’s E71 Is a Well-Equipped Smartphone

Nokia’s E71 is a slim, feature-packed smart phone with an excellent thumb keyboard and enough battery life to last a full work day, offering better manageability, independence than the iPhone 3G.

RIM BlackBerry Bold Comes Up a Little Short

RIM’s BlackBerry Bold smartphone is a powerful device with a lot of storage, rich multimedia capabilities and excellent audio. However, it disappoints in several areas and in the highly competitive smartphone space falls behind other devices, such as the Apple iPhone and the Android-based T1 smartphone.

BlackBerry Storm Lacks Punch

RIM’s BlackBerry Storm smartphone offers all the enterprise features that businesses have come to know and love, and that Apple’s iPhone lacks.

Microsoft: Tag It!

Finally, Microsoft does something right in mobile. But success will take lots of marketing and customer engagement – and that might not even be enough.

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