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Mobile World Congress: Summary of Day 3

The third day of the MWC 2009 was characterised by a rush of deals announced by LG-Parrot, Visa-GSM Association and the principle mobile manufacturers with regards to a universal charger.

MWC 2009: Preview of Windows Mobile 6.5

Video: The other day, Microsoft invited me over for an early look at Window Mobile 6.5, the next iteration of the company’s operating system for phones. I didn’t get to actually use the OS, although we have subsequently had more information at the MWC presentation.

Mobile World Congress: Summary of Day 2

Video: The agreement between Nokia and Qualcomm, the approach made by Nvidia to Android and the presentation of the new Vodafone device HTC Magic marked the second day of this event.

Mini-Notebooks Power 2008 PC Growth

Figures just released for PC shipments in Q4 2008 reveal the big inroads made by mini-notebooks into the Western European portable market, which drove sales for various leading manufacturers.

Mobile World Congress: Summary of Day 1

Video: The ecological mobile of Samsung, the presentation of Windows Mobile 6.5 and the new products presented by Nokia mark the inauguration of the MWC.

UK Bluetooth firm buys US GPS outfit

CSR has agreed to buy the leading GPS vendor SiRF, in a bid to merge another technology into its chips – and cash in on a projected boom in GPS handsets.

SAP’s CIO Customers Won’t Do Business on iPhone

The Apple iPhone is not a business tool, according to CIOs speaking at a SAP software launch. Despite burgeoning iPhone sales, executives from IBM, healthcare company Roche and others are backing BlackBerry.

Samsung, Nokia, Apple Handsets Do Well Despite Recession

ABI Research says mobile and wireless handset sales rocked in the first half of 2008, but bombed in the latter half thanks to the recession. The year closed with 1.21 billion handsets shipped for an annual growth of 5.4 percent compared with 16 percent growth from 2007. ABI expects 2009 to be a good year for smartphones, which users are increasingly using for Web services and search. Samsung, Nokia, Apple and RIM grew despite the tepid market, ABI says.

Retailer Wireless Devices Largely Unprotected

A new survey shows 44 percent of the wireless devices used by retailers are vulnerable to attacks by data thieves. And that’s the good news. A year ago, the same Motorola survey showed 85 percent of retailers were sitting targets for drive-by data attacks. New PCI standards phasing out Wireless Equivalent Protocol–the weakest form of encryption this side of no encryption at all–may hold the key to improved retailer wireless security.

Obama Wins Smartphone Compromise

What mobile wireless device costs £2.500, comes loaded with Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol and High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor Interoperability Specification, and secures calls to classified government networks? The BarackBerry. A White House official confirms that President Barack Obama will keep a smartphone while in office, although speculation persists that it will not be Obama’s beloved BlackBerry but instead a Sectera Edge, the ultrasecure smartphone developed for the National Security Agency by General Dynamics.

BlackBerry Maker RIM Drops Certicom Quest

Following a court order slapping a permanent injunction on BlackBerry maker Research In Motion’s £38.5 million hostile takeover bid for Certicom, the developer of elliptic curve cryptography technology, RIM drops its offer.

Is There Life After iPhone?

So far, the answer is yes. I don’t need no stinkin’ App Store. In mid December, I bought a Nokia N96 cell phone from Amazon, and I’m simply in love. While there’s no touchscreen and some usability deficiencies compared to iPhone 3G, the N96 is good enough where the mobile compares and otherwise beats the Apple smartphone.

RIM Now Supports IBM Lotus Quickr, Lotus Symphony on Smartphones

Research In Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie celebrates RIM BlackBerry’s 10th anniversary in enteprise mobility by pledging support for IBM Lotus Quickr, Lotus Symphony and additional support for Lotus Connections. Also, application developers can more easily develop new software applications for BlackBerry smartphones. Meanwhile, the BlackBerry platform support for XPages allows developers to write an app once for both Web and secure use on BlackBerry smartphones.

DiVitas Offers a Solid Unified Communications Option

DiVitas Networks’ newest mobile UC platform moves beyond the usual fixed mobile convergence features to include secured instant messaging, presence and visual voicemail. Such features made up for a disappointing set-up experience.

MetaGeek Wi-Spy DBx Offers Cheap, Easy WLAN Analysis

With the proliferation of WLANs in businesses and homes, the need to plan and police wireless networks is growing. The MetaGeek Wi-Spy DBx USB device and accompanying Chanalyzer 3.1 software simplify sophisticated spectrum study for the masses.

Treo Pro Looks Good, but Needs Improving

The Treo Pro from Palm is bringing a sleek new look to the smartphone for business users. However, the erratic 3G performance and battery life issues in the Palm Treo Pro need to be resolved.

Nokia’s E71 Is a Well-Equipped Smartphone

Nokia’s E71 is a slim, feature-packed smart phone with an excellent thumb keyboard and enough battery life to last a full work day, offering better manageability, independence than the iPhone 3G.

RIM BlackBerry Bold Comes Up a Little Short

RIM’s BlackBerry Bold smartphone is a powerful device with a lot of storage, rich multimedia capabilities and excellent audio. However, it disappoints in several areas and in the highly competitive smartphone space falls behind other devices, such as the Apple iPhone and the Android-based T1 smartphone.

BlackBerry Storm Lacks Punch

RIM’s BlackBerry Storm smartphone offers all the enterprise features that businesses have come to know and love, and that Apple’s iPhone lacks.

Microsoft: Tag It!

Finally, Microsoft does something right in mobile. But success will take lots of marketing and customer engagement – and that might not even be enough.

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