News Regulation

China Demands PCs Block Websites

The Chinese government is requiring that all personal PCs shipped into the country must have software that blocks access to certain types of Websites, according to the Wall Street Journal

CA Pushes Lean Over Green

The IT provider claims companies want to do more with less while Dell has announced its support for a rainforest charity on World Environment Day

Open Source SugarCRM Goes Mobile

SugarCRM, which produces an open-source customer relationship management software platform, added platform improvements and boosted mobile features

Dell Uses More Renewable Energy

The manufacturer has made progress on green power, but the green movement may hurt it in in future – as users hang onto kit for longer

Obama Declares IT A Strategic Asset

In a speech today, U.S. President Barack Obama pledged to treat the country’s digital infrastructure as a strategic asset and announced the creation of the position of cyber-security coordinator

NHS Takes Action Over Data Security

The information commissioner has criticised the NHS over its data protection efforts while some patients could choose to delete electronic information