Globalisation Poses Urgent Questions

ICT professionals tend to view globalisation as an inevitable and positive force for change. But, asks Simon Perry, what sort of a world does it get us involved in?

Businesses Losing £6000 Per Wrong Employee

A SurePayroll survey finds businesses are losing up to $10,000 (£6065) for every bad hire–and a wide pool of desperate applicants and hurried hiring practices compound the problem

Questions Continue About Jobs’ Health

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have saved his life with a liver transplant, but questions about his medical leave could continue to dog his company, even after a highly successful June that saw the rollout of the iPhone 3G S.

Open Source Is Not the Same As An Open Service

Companies need the freedom to get at their data, to choose hosted or in-house options and more. All this can be found amongst open source solutions – but  choose carefully, says Jason Brooks