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Google Releases Latest Chrome 3.0 Beta

Google's Chrome team releases a stable build of the Web browser that incorporates the speed bumps and features introduced in August's Chrome beta release

Google and Bing Search Get Thumbs Up

Google leads Microsoft Bing and Yahoo in search results accuracy, page load speed, real-time relevance and usability, according to a crowdsourced software quality test from uTest

iPhone Gets Bing Search Development Kit

Microsoft delivers a Bing iPhone and Mac software development kit and makes the SDK available for download on the Microsoft CodePlex community development site

Ten Things You Need To Know About Google Caffeine

Google's sudden invitation to Web users to try out a new sandbox search engine it is calling Caffeine is a reminder to Website managers everywhere that it is time to pay closer attention to page rankings

Why Apple Must Embrace Google Voice This Time

In order to make amends for legions of iPhone users upset at the first rejection, Apple needs to take advantage of this second opportunity with the Google Voice app and accept that new app with open arms

Is Security The Secret Of Firefox’s Success?

It's Firefox's reputation for superior security, rapid patching of security holes and its multitude of browser extentions that has allowed it to win converts among corporate and personal Web users

Bing Gains Market Share in July

Microsoft's Bing gained a single point of market share in July, bringing its total to 9.41 percent, according to a new report by StatCounter

Firefox Breaks 1 Billion Mark To Challenge IE

Mozilla Firefox, the open-source challenger to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, passed the 1-billion download mark on 31 July, with a Website and Twitter feed marking the occasion

Boohoo For Microhoo!

Everyone thinks that the combination of Microsoft Bing and Yahoo will be good for consumers, but is that really so? Beware the deadly duopoly, warns Jim Rapoza