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Microsoft Bing Goes Live Early

Microsoft hopes that Bing will allow it to claim more market share in the competitive search-engine arena, which is dominated by Google

Google Android On 20 Handsets This Year

Although Android is open-source, manufacturers will be able to sign distribution deals with Google in order to pre-install their phones with more options such as Google Apps

Bing! – A New Microsoft Search Engine

Despite Google’s lead in search-engine market share, Microsoft hopes that a new and improved search experience will translate into a greater piece of the online search pie

Google Puts Wind Behind Wave

Created by the team that brought Google Maps to the world, the search engine giant hopes Wave will cause more than a few ripples on the Internet

Google Chrome 2.0: So What?

With small tweaks,and features that other browsers already have, this is more like Chrome version 1.2, than version 2.0

Google Polishes Chrome Browser

Google has high hopes that Chrome’s unique features will make it a suitable competitor to Microsoft Internet Explorer and other browsers on the market

Google Launches Gmail Translation Tool

Google has introduced several new features in 2009 to Google Apps and Gmail designed to make those services more robust for the enterprise, in addition to increasing their consumer user base

Google: Search Produces 0.2 Grams Of C02

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has placed his company at the forefront of the energy debate, arguing that green IT can contribute to lowering overall carbon footprints

Google Revenues Hit by Downturn

Google continues to compete vigorously against Yahoo and Microsoft in the search arena while producing new products and investing in initiatives such as Google Ventures

Google Twitter Buyout Rumours Persist

Google may be in late-stage negotiations to acquire Twitter, according to published online reports. But if Google were to acquire Twitter, how would that benefit Google?