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Google Finally Launches Nexus One Smartphone

Google unveils its Nexus One smartphone, demonstrating many of its features during a press event and opening a web store to sell the device unlocked to consumers who wish to purchase it online

Chrome Overtakes Safari In Browser Race

The real contenders are still Internet Explorer and Firefox, but beating Apple’s browser should please Google as it unleashes its Nexus One against the iPhone

Review: Google Is On To Something With Go

Google’s new language, Go, is fully compiled in the vein of C++, but includes many types and constructs that make it more similar to something like Python or JavaScript.

Avatar Movie Could Boost 3D TV Sales

As James Cameron’s 3-D sci-fi epic “Avatar” lands in cinemas, Sony and 3-D cinema technology specialist RealD announce a partnership to bring that 3-D experience home via Sony’s Bravia LCD HDTVs

Iraqi Militants Hack US Predator Drones

Militants have hacked Predator drone feeds using software that costs less than $30, but US military officials insist hackers have not been able to disrupt the drone missions

Yahoo Indexes Tweets In Search Results

Yahoo is indexing tweets on its search engine, but updates only appear minutes or hours after they are sent, long after Google’s Twitter results which appear in real-time