EU Opens Consultation On Gig Economy Worker Rights

After UK's top court rules Uber drivers are workers, European Commission begins consultation on gig economy worker rights

8 months ago

UK Court Rules Uber Drivers Are Workers

UK Supreme Court rules Uber drivers are workers, not self employed contractors, in major intervention in the British 'gig economy'

8 months ago

Twitter Develops Subscription Fee To Lessen Ad Reliance

Micro-blogging platform Twitter is developing a subscription product, in an effort to lessen dependence on advertising revenues

9 months ago

BT Contributes £24 Billion To UK Plc – Report

The scale of contribution of the former UK telecom incumbent BT to the British economy has been revealed in an…

9 months ago

Founding Father HPE Leaves Silicon Valley, Moves HQ To Texas

California loses a Fortune 500 company, after founding father HPE announces HQ move away from Silicon Valley to Houston, Texas

11 months ago

California Approves Gig Economy ‘Contractor’ Vote

Blow for state legislators. Californians have voted to allow gig workers to remain as 'contractors', and not be classified as…

12 months ago

Bletchley Park Faces Funding Crisis, Prepares To Axe Staff

World war 2 code breaking centre is facing a funding crisis due to Coronavirus pandemic, with third of workforce being…

1 year ago

Coronavirus: Apple Closes More Stores In US

As Coronavirus infections rise in the United States, Apple continues to close down more of its stores across seven American…

1 year ago

Coronavirus: Google To Reopen Some Offices In July

Sundar Pichai tells staff that Google intends to open some offices starting from 6 July, as other tech firms give…

1 year ago

Elon Musk Risks Arrest As He Reopens Telsa Factory

Arrest me. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has defied local officials in California by reopening Fremont factory, and dared them to…

1 year ago

German Union Calls For Amazon Strike Before Christmas

Amazon could be facing possible strike action in Germany, after Verdi trade union calls for walkout at key distribution hub

2 years ago

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Gets 65 Percent Pay Rise

Share price growth sees Nadella net a 65 percent pay rise, bringing home nearly $43m in the last fiscal year

2 years ago

FCA Expresses Concern At Lack Of Cryptocurrencies Safeguards

Financial Conduct Authority warns bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value

2 years ago

Microsoft Value Hits $1 Trillion After Cloud Growth

Strong results for the software giant see its market valuation briefly reach $1 trillion for the first time

3 years ago

Amazon Ditches Plans For New York HQ2

Online giant cancels its plans to build campus in Queens, after tax break opposition and questions about unions

3 years ago

EU To Agree Digital Tax By March, Says French Minister

European-wide tax on tech firms to be agreed by March, predicts French finance minister

3 years ago

France To Press Ahead With Digital Tax In 2019

Tax on tech giants will begin in 2019 by individual nations if necessary, warns French finance minister

3 years ago

Zuckerberg Joins Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates As World’s Richest

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg joins Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos as the three richest men in the world

3 years ago

Former Employee Sues Google Claiming Discrimination Against White Men

James Damore’s accuses Google of systematically punishing and terminating employees whose views on diversity, social justice and gender bias differed

4 years ago

Workplace Robots To Hit Low Paid The Hardest

Bad robot? Increasing automation must not drive workplace wage inequality, think tank warns

4 years ago

IT Firm Head Apologises For ‘Joke’ Suggesting Labour Voter Redundancies

Storm Technologies Boss said email claiming Labour voters would be let go if business slowed down was just banter

4 years ago

Microsoft Build 2017: Satya Nadella Champions Developing Tech With An Inclusive Aim

Nadella wants developers to create "practical design choices that help enshrine these timeless values"

4 years ago

Women Earn 19.6 Percent Less Than Men In IT Sector

There is still work to be done to close the gender pay gap in the IT world

5 years ago

Technology Is A Man’s World…But It Doesn’t Have To Be

Hannah Pym, head of marketing at app developer Apadmi, suggests how we can get more women into tech - and…

6 years ago

Google’s Sundar Pichai Is Now The Best Paid CEO In The World

Major payday for Sundar Pichai following latest stock award

6 years ago

Toshiba Predicts Record-Breaking $4.5bn Loss

Troubled electronics giant will also cut nearly 7,000 jobs as its struggles continue

6 years ago

Amazon Starts European Corporate Tax Payments

Amazon begins paying corporate tax in a number of European countries, but will Google and Apple follow suit?

6 years ago

HP CEO Meg Whitman Set To Get Massive Payout If Fired

HP boss Meg Whitman will also sit pretty if the company is ever acquired, new data from UBS finds

7 years ago

BlackBerry Recovery Boosted By Q4 Profit But Revenues Fall Again

BlackBerry sees hope for the future once software and service investments pay off

7 years ago

Smartphones And 4G Pushes ZTE To Huge Profits

Chinese company looking to take control of the Android market

7 years ago