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Sun, Do You Have A Plan B?

As its deal with IBM evaporates, Sun needs a backup plan. Chris Preimesberger thinks there might be another deal on the table - from HP and Oracle, or maybe from Cisco

Can Dell Deliver The Full Monty?

Dell is wasting time with claims about server performance. The real story is the management tools it says can free users from the grasp of big consultancies

IBM/Sun: The Technology Fall-Out

If the merger goes ahead, IBM will have to make choices: Which database, which directory, and which virtualisation technology?

IBM/Sun: It’s All About The Storage?

Enterprise storage has to change, as customers finally get free of proprietary systems. Buying Sun gives IBM a chance to moves its customers on without losing them to the competition

Cisco’s Blades Might Cut Both Ways

Cisco's Unified Computing System could be a chance for IT departments looking to rebuild their data centres in the rubble of the recession - but there will be upfront costs, warns Cameron Sturdevant

IT must lead the way – eWEEK Europe UK

Video: IT is not just cleaning up its own act. It will be the driving force in allowing every sector to thrive in today's climate - that was the message form our London launch