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Fault Tolerance (Re)Discovered

Fault tolerant virtualisation technologies can be hardware or software based but they don't necessarily offer the same level of protection for business-critical processes.

SanDisk Claims Healthier Times Ahead

SanDisk CEO Eli Harari explains that 2009 could well be significantly better for the NAND flash storage maker than anticipated only five months ago

Fujitsu Unlocks The Cosmic Cube

What does the name of Fujitsu's new blade-based data centre system, the Dynamic Cube, actually mean? Forget the speeds and feeds - Peter Judge wants occult significance 

Compellent adds SSD, reveals technology roadmap

SAN-in-a-box specialist Compellent has revealed its technology roadmap for the next two years. It includes SSD, which the company said will deliver big cost, energy and efficiency savings.

Green IT Is Mainstream: Now Comes The Hard Part

The move to greener IT is unstoppable - even in a recession. But IT departments have a tough job getting their message with the other 90 percent of the company, says Forrester's Chris Mines.

Desktop Power Cuts Beat Server Savings

Desktop management are a quicker green hit than server consolidation, says Andy Lawrence. Oh yes, and IT managers should rule the world too (or at least manage their buildings)

Did The Recession Kill Green IT?

The bandwagon was just getting rolling when the economic recession kicked in. Is that the end for Green IT? Not at all, says The 451 Group's Andy Lawrence.

HDS Allows Storage Monitoring Via iPhone

New management software options will provide HDS's customers with a more extensive management view beyond the storage system including checks via Apple's handset

US Must Learn From EU On WEEE

The US Congress has passed an e-waste bill through Congress this week, but it must not repeat the mistakes of the EU, say experts

US Congress Passes E-Waste Bill in Nod to Earth Day

Lawmakers have paid tribute to Earth Day with legislation providing grant funds for practical solutions to reduce the growing mounds of old cell phones, televisions, computers and other electronic devices.

Sun, Do You Have A Plan B?

As its deal with IBM evaporates, Sun needs a backup plan. Chris Preimesberger thinks there might be another deal on the table - from HP and Oracle, or maybe from Cisco