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AMD Wants Into The Cloud, Not Smartphones

AMD wants to have its processors in the heart of cloud-based data centres, and will be launching its own netbook platform – but will leave smartphones to the experts Makes A Bundle has had a record quarter while all around is gloom. Could this be vindication for the cloud model?

Google Adds Billing to App Engine

Google has added billing to its cloud computing platform, Google App Engine. The good news is users can go over the current free usage quotas – the bad news is that those free quotas are going to be reduced. 

IBM, HP Server Sales Hit By Recession

Quarterly server revenue has shrunk at IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Sun Microsystems, as the global economy slows down, according to IDC. The one positive area is blade servers

Communication barriers waste cash at SMBs

Communications barriers and latencies are costing cost small and medium businesses (SMBs) up to 40 percent of their productive time, averaging to more than £3000 per employee, according to a report.

Cloud services ‘pose legal risks’

Outages are only part of the problem for services on the web, says a City Law firm, warning cloud customers may face lawsuits over performance and data protection

Gmail Failure: Reality Bites for Cloud Computing

Update: Gmail is back, after a two-hour outage. The company has not yet said how many people were affected, but twitter traffic from round the world reveals a major outage. That’s a pain for millions of ordinary users – but it could be a disaster for those planning to sell application services in the cloud.

UK’s VeryPC Launches 12TB Storage Server

UK-based low-energy system maker VeryPC has announced new models, including a storage processor with up to 12TB of storage and dual Intel Xeon processors with up to 48GB or RAM.

Experts Say Dump The NAC Word

Network access control is a useless marketing buzzword; users and vendors should just get on with security management, experts have said.

Mobile World Congress: Summary of Day 2

Video: The agreement between Nokia and Qualcomm, the approach made by Nvidia to Android and the presentation of the new Vodafone device HTC Magic marked the second day of this event.

Mini-Notebooks Power 2008 PC Growth

Figures just released for PC shipments in Q4 2008 reveal the big inroads made by mini-notebooks into the Western European portable market, which drove sales for various leading manufacturers.

What Will It Take To Make IT Go Green?

Whether they act to stave off a global crisis, or a meltdown in their own budgets, IT professionals need to have better information if they are going to clean up their act.

Can Sustainable IT Avoid False Accounting?

Now the word is out: there is money to be made in sustainable IT, we can expect the usual feeding frenzy as vendors try to cash in. This time, we can’t afford to fall for phony greenwash.

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