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Open Cloud Manifesto: Blighted From Birth?

Is the Open Coud Manifesto doomed even as it is officially announced? The top three cloud platforms have backed off, and the group faces stern criticism from the outsiders

Avaya Launches Cost-Cutting SIP Network

Avaya has launched a product which can de-couple applications from companies’ networks, so users can simplify their communications even if they have equipment from multiple vendors

£30m IT Project Helped Drag Dunfermline Down

Questions are being asked about the degree to which a costly IT project contributed to the decision to effectively nationalise and then sell Scotland’s largest building society


Forecast For Cloud Computing Standards Is Overcast

With Microsoft and Amazon on one side and IBM and a host of others on the other side of an emerging battle over cloud standards, some ask if it is too early to try to set standards for cloud computing

PC Makers Ready For Energy Efficient Nehalem

The Nehalem architecture focuses on improving performance and efficiency through such features as an integrated memory controller similar to that found on AMD’s Opteron chip and greater support of virtualisation technologies

Google Denies Severity Of Google Docs Flaw

Google says that security concerns about its online document service Google Docs are “not significant”, despite claims that users can access material to which the author has denied access.

Can Dell Deliver The Full Monty?

Dell is wasting time with claims about server performance. The real story is the management tools it says can free users from the grasp of big consultancies

Opalis Automates Cloud Management

Opalis Software is rolling out Version 6 of its Opalis IT automation platform, designed to automate management of cloud computing environments.

Dell Unleashes Cooler, Cheaper Servers

Dell’s Nehalem server launch majored on power savings and system management, pitching a commodity console from Symantec against the might of IBM Tivoli

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