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Cisco’s Blades Might Cut Both Ways

Cisco’s Unified Computing System could be a chance for IT departments looking to rebuild their data centres in the rubble of the recession – but there will be upfront costs, warns Cameron Sturdevant

Will BT’s Wind Farm Come To Grief?

BT has an impressive record in reducing its carbon footprint – and helping others do the same. But complex carbon accounting might stall its wind farm plans

Understanding Green Tech

Green technology is all around us. But what does it mean? Simon Perry explains that there is more to it than virtualising servers and reducing energy costs.

HP Launches Low-cost Servers

HP’s new NS2000 could give SMEs the same high performance that larger enterprises get but for a lower price.


Recession Isn’t Boosting The Cloud

Despite the promise that cloud computing can cut costs , companies in the UK are hesitating to adopt it, according to a survey by IT consultancy Avanade.